The Royal Hall Restoration Trust Harrogate
The Royal Hall Restoration Trust Harrogate



Royal Hall in the Community






The Royal Hall, with its 1000 seat capacity, fills the gap between the smaller Harrogate Theatre with its 500 seats and the large specialised International Conference Centre which caters for over 2000. The Royal Hall’s excellent acoustics and proscenium stage make it the natural venue for dance, music, drama and the many other events which cannot effectively be accommodated elsewhere in the local area.

From its earliest days, the Royal Hall has served in a variety of purposes for the people of Harrogate and the surrounding district. The inherent flexibility of the kursaal design has meant that the building has had many uses including theatre, cinema, dance hall, exhibition displays, wrestling/boxing matches, opera, broadcast studio, ballet, lecture theatre, concert hall and banquets. This versatility is found in few other such venues and is a testament to Matcham’s design genius.

The Royal Hall fills a vital role in the social, economic and cultural life of the whole Harrogate district as:

A cultural and entertainment centre for the whole of the District.

  • A wonderfully elegant theatre for performances by local arts, drama, dance and musical groups. It is a particularly important venue where children and young people can develop their individual and collective talents.


  • Harrogate’s ‘town hall’ where all manner of social and ceremonial events are held – such as the annual Mayor-making ceremony, school speech days etc.


  • The premier location for the prestigious national and international concerts and events such as Harrogate International Festival, Harrogate International Youth Music Festival and the Gilbert and Sullivan Festival.


  • A vital facility for the conference and exhibition trade which plays such an important part in the local economy.



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