The Royal Hall Restoration Trust Harrogate
The Royal Hall Restoration Trust Harrogate





Date Artist
1960 18th-23rd Jan D’Oyly Carte Opera company including John Reed
1960 8th Feb Emlyn Williams as Charles Dickens
1960 15th Feb Adam Faith, Emile Ford, the John Barry Seven, Mike Preston. At 6.15pm and 8.30pm. Tickets 4/6 to 8/6. Take at 6.15pm – £406.14s.0d. Attendance 1,242. Take at 8.30pm – £419.2s.0d. Attendance 1,280
1960 26th Feb Johnny Dankworth and his orchestra
1960 9th March City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
1960 24th March Lance Fortune, Wee Willie Harris, Mike Preston, Edna Savage
1960 15th May Eileen Joyce, piano recital
1960 10th Aug Sir Anthony Blunt, keeper of the Queen’s pictures (and traitor) French Classicism, Poussin to Picasso – Lecture
1960 16th Sept Bob Miller and His Millermen
1960 21st Sept Joyce Grenfell, personal appearance for one night only. Take £478.6s.0d. Attendance 1,280
1960 10th Oct Kenny Ball’s Jazzmen
1960 9th Dec Johnny Kidd and The Pirates – dance
1960 19th Dec Halle Christmas Concert with Sir John Barbirolli
1961  19th Jan Russell Bradden (Author) Lecture on ‘Australia looks at England’
1961 27th Jan Bob Miller & The Millermen 
1961 29th Jan Albert Medley, Harry Corbett and Sooty
1961 3rd Feb Wrestling. Billy Two Rivers
1961 20th April Victor Silvester and his Famous Orchestra
1961 5th May Genie Vincent and his Sounds Incorporated Group
1961 13th July Rock ‘n’ Roll Jamboree with Screamin’ Lord Sutch and his Savages
1961 14th July Wrestling. Shirley Crabtree v Big Billy Coverdale, Randolph Turpin v Harry Bennett
1961 w/c 17th July The Halle Orchestra and Sir John Barbirolli
1961 28th July Semprini
1961 2nd Aug Acker Bilk & his Paramount Jazz Band
1961 10th Aug Johnny Dankworth and his Orchestra
1961 18th Aug Sid Phillips and his Band
1961 31st Aug Bob Miller & his Orchestra
1961 28th Sept Ronnie Aldrich & the Squadronaires
1961 12th Oct Ray Ellington & his Music
1961 13th Oct Karl Ulrich Schnabel (pianist)
1961 2nd Nov Johnny Dankworth
1961 12th Nov Alfred Marks, Peter Goodwright, Bob Monkhouse, Rosemary Squires
1961 26th Nov Henry Hall’s Guest Night
1961 27th Nov Hungarian Gipsy Boys Company
1961 29th Nov The Eric Delaney Orchestra
1961 9th Dec Wrestling – Jackie Pallo & Bert Royal
1961 23rd Dec Halle Orchestra
1962 31st Jan Northern Sinfonia Orchestra
1962 9th Feb John Barry Seven
1962 9th April Joyce Grenfell
1962 2nd to 7th July Halle Orchestra
1962 2nd Aug Kenny Ball’s Jazzmen
1962 10th Nov Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
1963 8th March The Beatles. Dance 8pm-1am. 10s6d
1963 4th June Kenny Lynch
1963 18th June  Alan Knight & the Chessmen. Dance 8-12. 12s6d
1963 29th June Kenny Ball & his Jazzmen
1963 6th July Bob Miller and his Millermen
1963 w/c 22nd July The Halle Orchestra & Sir John Barbirolli
1964 7th Jan Wrestling; Les Kellett v Ernie Riley
1964 25th Jan Bob Miller & the Millermen – dance (& in concert on 26th Jan)
1964 7th March Eric Winston and his Orchestra
1964 4th April Johnny Dankworth & Orchestra
1964 9th May Sid Philips & His Band
1964 14th May Little Richard. Take £528.6s 0d. Tickets 4/6 to 10/6. Attendance 1,278.
1964 23rd May Bob Miller & the Millermen
1964 29th May The Applejacks – dance
1964 15th June All Week ‘Music Hall Francais ‘ starring Sonya Cordeau
1964 6th-11th July The Halle Orchestra & Sir John Barbirolli
1964 15th July Brian Poole & The Tremeloes, Lulu & the Luvvers, The Rev. Black & The Rocking Vicars, Herman & The Hermits 6.15pm & 8.30pm.Tickets 5/6 to 12/6
1964 31st July Peter Jay and The Jaywalkers – dance
1964 12th Sept Bob Miller & The Millermen
1964 16th Oct Mike Berry and The Inocents – dance
1964 21st Oct David Kossoff
1964 2nd Nov Wrestling; Shirley Crabtree v The Beast
1964 8th Nov Acker Bilk & This Paramount Jazz Band – concert
1964 15th Nov Dickie Henderson, Dennis Spicer (ventriloquist), Audrey Jeans (Dennis Spicer tragically died in a road accident on his way home from this show).
1964 26th Nov Literary Society Lecture ‘Cricket with a Camera’ by Trevor Bailey
1964 27th Nov Eric Delaney & His Orchestra
1964 28th Nov Cyril Stapleton and His Orchestra – dance
1964 4th Dec The Rocking Vicars
1964 5th Dec The Migil 5 – dance
1964 13th Dec Night of Stars: Vera Lynne, Alfred Marks, Eric Sykes, Neville King, The Applejacks, Joe Black, Barbara Simpson, Cyril Stapleton & His Orchestra
1964 19th Dec Bob Miller & The Millermen
1964 23rd Dec The Hale Orchestra
1965 7th Jan The Kinks at 6.30pm and 8.30pm
1965 16th Jan Acker Bilk – dance
1965 26th Feb John Barry Seven – dance
1965 14th May Manfred Mann – dance
1965 24th June Brighouse & Rastrick Band
1965 5th July The Allegri String Quartet with Leon Goosens
1965 11th July to 8th Sept Hall closed for decorating
1965 7th Nov Ron Moody, Lance Percival, The New Faces, David Hughes, Sheila Buxton, The Southlanders, Jimmy Gordon and Norman Collier
1965 12 Nov The Walker Brothers – dance. Attendance 1,300. Take £650.0s.0d.
1965 3rd Dec The Fortunes
1966 8th Jan Chris Barber’s Jazz Band
1966 13th Jan Literary Society Lecture ‘Mission for the Relief of Suffering’ by Group Captain Leonard Cheshire
1966 21st Jan The Hollies – dance. Attendance 1,300. Take £552.10.0d.
1966 29th Jan Applejacks. Dance
1966 25th Feb The Kinks
1966 5th March Kenny Ball – dance
1966 22nd March Joyce Grenfell
1966 25th March Spencer Davis Group – dance
1966 3rd April Max Bygrave Show
1966 23rd April The Watersons (Folk Group)
1966 13th May Small Faces – dance. Attendance 1,300. Tickets 10/6. Take £552.10s.0d.
1966 25th July All week ‘Music Hall’ with Tonia Bern, Johnny & Suma Lamonte, Eva May Wong and ‘Monsewer’ Eddie Grey.
1966 5th Aug Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mitch and Tich – dance
1966 12th Aug Annie Ross, Alex Welsh and his Jazz Band
1966 13th Aug The McPeake Family and Martin Carthy
1966 14th Aug Elizabeth Shwarzkopf
1966 16th – 18th Aug ‘The Generals Tea Party’ staring Richard Murdoch
1966 20th Aug Moscow Radio Orchestra
1966 25th Aug John Walker and The Technique
1966 26th Aug The Who – dance
1966 27th Oct Literary Society Lecture ‘The World of Roses’ by Harry Wheatcroft
1966 3rd Nov Literary Society Lecture ‘The North Wall of the Eiger’ by Chris Bonnington
1966 8th Dec Literary Society Lecture ‘Antiques – Mainly Furniture’ by Arthur G Negas
1967 31st Jan Wrestling – Jimmy Savile & Chuck Purvey
1967 9th Feb Literary Society Lecture ‘The Olympic Games’ by Harold Abrahams
1967 24th Feb Victor Silvester and his Orchestra
1967 25th March Larry Adler
1967 16th June The Tremeloes – dance
1967 10th Aug The English Chamber Orchestra
1967 12th Aug Isla Cameron and The Watersons
1967 13th Aug Victoria Postnikova (pianist)
1967 15th Aug Dr Magnus Pike lecture ‘Food Science – The Essential Ingredient’
1967 17th Aug Professor Alan Gemmel lecture ‘Life and Living’
1967 19th Aug The English Orchestra with Jacqueline DuPre (cello)
1967 18th Sept Emlyn Williams as ‘Dylan Thomas Growing Up’
1967 22nd Sept Amen Corner – dance
1967 19th Oct Literary Society Lecture ‘John Betjeman’ by John Arlott
1967 6th Nov Los Paraguayos
1967 10th Nov The Move – dance
1967 15th Dec The Troggs – dance
1967 23rd Dec Bob Miller & The Millermen – Xmas Dance
1968 2nd Feb The Tremeloes – dance
1968 5th April The Foundations
1968 23rd April The Ike & Tina Turner Show
1968 26th April Percy Thrower Lecture
1968 17th May The Herd
1968 14th June The Equals – dance
1968 22nd to 27th July The Halle Orchestra
1968 2nd Aug The Love Affair
1968 8th Aug The Academy of St Martin-in-the-Fields
1968 9th Aug Lennie Tristano
1968 10th Aug The McPeake Family, Martin Carthy and David Swarbrick, Jeremy Taylor
1968 11th Aug Paul Tortelier (cello) & Maria De La Pau (piano)
1968 12th Aug BBC Northern Symphony Orchestra
1968 16th Aug Galina Vishnevskaya (soprano) & Mstislav Rostropovich (piano)
1968 17th Aug Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with John Ogden (piano)
1968 28th Nov Literary Society Lecture ‘The Shrub Garden’ by Geoffrey Smith
1968 6th Dec Marmalade – dance
1968 24th Dec Johnny Howard and His Band – Xmas Eve Dance
1968 31st Dec Bob Miller and The Millermen – New Years Eve Ball
1969 6th Jan Wrestling. The Royal Brothers
1969 18th Jan The Spinners
1969 20th Jan Wrestling. Honey Boy Zimba
1969 27th Jan Jimmy Shand & his Band
1969 14th Feb Victor Sylvester and his Orchestra
1969 17th Feb Wrestling. Jackie Pallo
1969 19th Feb Los Paraguayas
1969 3-8th Mar D’Oyly Carter Opera Company
1969 24th Mar Wrestling. Mick McManus
1969 5th Apr Bob Miller and his Millermen
1969 10th April Wrestling. Les Kellet
1969 12th April Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra
1969 15th May Northern Sinfonia
1969 16th May Bob Miller and his Millermen
1969 28th June Bob Miller and his Millermen
1969 30th June- 5th July The Halle Festival of Music
1969 6th Aug The Academy of Martin-on-the-Fields and Josef Suk (violin)
1969 9th Aug Martin Carthy with Dave Swarbrick, Shirley Collins, Packie Bryne and Maddy Prior
1969 10th Aug BBC Northern Symphony Orchestra with Hazel Holt (soprano) & Gyorgy Pauk (violin)
1969 12th Aug English Chamber Orchestra with John Williams (guitar)
1969 13th Aug English Chamber Orchestra with Peter Pears (tenor) and Owen Brannigan (brass)
1969 14th Aug Andor Foldes (piano)
1969 16th Aug New Philharmonic Orchestra with Stephen Bishop (piano)
1969 20th Sept The Spinners
1969 11th Oct Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
1969 13th Oct Wrestling. Mike Marino
1969 25th Oct Pentangle
1969 27th Oct Wrestling. Leon Arras, Alan Dennison, Bert Royal
1969 30th Oct Harrogate Literary Society Harry Wheatcroft ‘The Ramblings of a Rose Grower’
1969 12th Nov Rolf Harris
1969 25th Nov EL Sali and his Flamenco Company
1969 8th Dec Wrestling. Roy St Clair v Jim Breaks


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