The Royal Hall Restoration Trust Harrogate
The Royal Hall Restoration Trust Harrogate




Date Artist
1950 2nd Jan All week. “Ice Fantasia” – skating on real ice
1950 17th Jan Joan Hammond, singer
1950 5th March Eileen Joyce, pianist
  Hall closed for redecoration for weeks commencing 16th & 26th March and 2nd April
1950 8th April Grand re-opening dance with Walter Garrard and his orchestra
1950 16th April Josef Locke – Britain’s Greatest Tenor
1950 29th April Sid Phillips and his band
1950 14th May BBC Symphony Orchestra conducted by Sir Adrian Boult (programme includes Elgar’s Introduction & Allegro and Schubert’s 9th Symphony
1950 27th May London Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Edward Van Beinum
1950 11th June Ted Heath and his music with Dickie Valentine and Lita Rosa
1950 18th June Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra conducted by Clarence Raybould
1950 10th-15th July Halle Orchestra conducted by Sir John Barbirolli
1950 16th July Sid Phillips and his band
1950 14th Aug Carl Rosa Opera Company
1950 11th Sept All week. The Western Brothers
1950 19th Nov Karl Ulrich Schnabel, piano
1950 27th Nov Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Hugo Rignold
1950 9th Dec Joe Loss and his orchestra
1951 1st Jan All Week. A Christmas Fantasy on Ice  ‘Jingle Bells & Ice’ including Badminton on Ice – Great Britain v America
1951 8th Jan All week. Peter Brough and Archie Andrews in “Educating Archie”
1951 21st Jan Petula Clark, popular singer
1951 28th Jan Halle Orchestra conducted by Paul Kletzki
1951 18th March Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Hugo Rignold
1951 10th June Johnny Dankworth Seven with Cleo Laine
1951 1st July and all week: Binnie Hale and David Nixon
1951 8th July and all week: Halle Orchestra with Sir John Barbirolli
1951 16th July Ballett Rambert
1951 23rd July Weekly variety including Douglas “Cardew” Robinson
1951 30th July The Beverley Sisters, singing trio
1951 6th Aug Jack Train and Anona Winn – stars of twenty questions, Joan Hinde, Trumpeter
1951 12th Aug New BBC Trio with Max Jaffa
1951 17th – 22nd Sept Northern Antiques Dealers Fair
1951 29th Sept Kenny Baker and his new music, no 1 trumpet player
1951 25th Nov Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Hugo Rignold
1951 7th Dec Civic Ball with Mayor and Mayoress (Foster). Walter Garrard and his orchestra. Evening dress with decorations to be worn
1951 8th Dec Victor Silvester & his ballroom orchestra
1951 16th Dec The Squadronaires Dance Orchestra
1952 w/c 7th Jan The D’Oyly Carte Opera Company
1952 w/c 14th Jan Hutch, Tex McLeod, DeGroot Trio
1952 21st Jan Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
1952 26th Jan Cyril Stapleton and his Orchestra
1952 16th Feb Harry Roy and his Broadcasting Dance Orchestra
1952 23rd Feb Vic Lewis and his Orchestra
1952 27th Feb Halle Orchestra with conductor Albert Wolff
1952 2nd Mar Eileen Joyce
1952 8th Mar Harry Gold and his Pieces of Eight
1952 9th Mar Nat Allen and his sextet
1952 22nd Mar Billy Ternent and his Orchestra
1952 6th April Roy Fox and his Orchestra
1952 7th April Boxing
1952 13th April Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra
1952 23rd April Joe Loss and his famous Orchestra
1952 25th April ‘Dragon’s Mouth’ starring Michael Dennison & Dulcie Gray
1952 27th April Vic Oliver, Victor Seaforth & Sylvia Campbell
1952 8th June Carroll Levis and his BBC Discoveries
1952 21st June Ted Heath and his Music
1952 30th June Grand Variety with Renee Houston & Donald Stewart
1952 w/c 6th July Halle Orchestra with conductor Sir John Barirolli
1952 13th July Harry Roy and his Band
1952 w/c 14th July Evelyn Laye, Joe Church & Arthur Scott
1952 20th July Weingarten (pianist)
1952 w/c 28th July Peter Cavanagh, Western Brothers, Joan Hinde
1952 3rd Aug Sid Phillips and his Band
1952 w/c 4th Aug Robb Wilton, The Radio Revellers, Peggy Desmond & Alfred Swain
1952 10th Aug Teddy Foster and his Orchestra
1952 w/c 11th Aug Elsie & Doris Waters, Tanner Sisters
1952 w/c 17th Aug Rawicz and Landauer, JoanTurner, Tommy Fields
1952 w/c 25th Aug Roy Stevens & Harry Locke, Anne Ziegler & Webster Booth
1952 w/c 1st Sept Wilson, Keppel & Betty, Mundy & Earle, Cawalini’s Dogs
1952 7th Sept The Squadronaires
1952 22-27th Sept Antique Dealers Fair
1952 15th Oct Yorkshire Ploughing Association Harvest Ball
1952 2nd Nov Vitebsky (pianist)
1952 27th Nov Harrogate Literary Society Robert H. Fabian ex Scotland yard Lecture ‘ Behind the scenes at Scotland Yard’
1952 29th Nov Victor Silvester and his Ballroom Orchestra
1952 30th Nov Nat Gonella and his Georgians
1952 4th Dec Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with conductor Sir Thomas Beecham
1952 13th Dec Billy Ternent and his Orchestra
1952 20th Dec Roy Fox and his Band
1952 26th Dec Halle Orchestra
1952 w/c 29th Dec ‘Flotsam’ (B.C. Hilliam)
1953 19th Jan and all week The D’Oyly Carte Opera Company
1953 7th Feb Harry Roy & His Band
1953 1st March Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra
1953 14th March Jack Parnell & His Music Makers
1953 28th March Harry Gold & His Pieces of Eight
1953 18th April Stanley Black & His Orchestra
1953 25th April Sid Philips & His Band
1953 11th May and all week Music Hall Francais
1953 24th – 30th May Festival of Music with The Halle Orchestra – conductor Sir John Barbirolli
1953 6th June Ambrose & His Orchestra
1953 20th June Squadronaires Dance Orchestra
1953 6th – 11th July Cyril Fletcher & Betty Astell
1953 20th – 25th July Jon Pertwee, Wilson Keppel & Betty, Billy ‘Uke’ Scott
1953 27th July – 1st Aug Bob & Alf Pearson
1953 3rd – 8th Aug Ronald Chesney (Talking Harmonica), Tony Brent (American recording star) and Margot Henderson
1953 10th – 15th Aug Peter Cavanagh, Kay Cavendish, Nicholas Parsons and Freddie Sales
1953 17th – 22nd Aug Harry Locke. Dickie Henderson
1953 23rd Aug Billy Ternent & His Broadcasting Orchestra
1953 24th – 29th Aug Semprini, Beryl Reid, Victor Seaforth
1953 12 Oct ‘Ascent of Everest’ lecture by Sir Edmund Hillary K.B.E.
1953 7th Nov Roy Fox & His Orchestra
1953 21st Nov Nat Temple & His Orchestra
1953 5th Dec Jack Parnell & His Music Makers
1953 17th Dec The Halle Orchestra – conductor George Weldon
1954 10th Jan Humphrey Lyttelton & His Band
1954 18th Jan all week D’Oyle Carte Opera Company
1954 13th Feb Harry Gold & His Pieces of Eight
1954 17th Feb Jose Iturbi – world famous pianist. First appearance in Harrogate
1954 6th June Carroll Levis & his TV & BBC show
1954 5th July and all week The Halle Orchestra with conductor Sir John Barbirolli
1954 11th July Harry Gold & His Pieces of Eight
1954 12th July and all week ‘Music for the Millions’ with Semprini
1954 19th July and all week ‘Music for the Millions’ with Robb Wilton, Irene Handl & Roy Stevens
1954 26th July and all week ‘Music for the Millions’ with Jon Pertwee, Reg Varney, Harriott & Evans
1954 2nd Aug and all week ‘Music for the Millions’ with Joan Regan, Bill Maynard
1954 9th Aug and all week ‘Music for the Millions’ with Beryl Reid, Kay Cavendish and Leslie Randall
1954 16th Aug and all week ‘Music for the Millions’ with Bob & Alf Pearson, Billy ‘Uke’ Scott
1954 22nd Aug Tony Hancock, The Western Brothers
1954 13 Nov Sid Phillips & His Band with singer Betty Miller
1954 28th Nov Mantovani and his New Music
1954 4th Dec Victor Silvester & His Orchestra
1954 20th Dec Halle Orchestra with conductor George Weldon
1954 27th Dec Sooty’s Christmas Show
1955 9th Jan Ronnie Scott and his orchestra
1955 14th Jan Jack Parnell and his orchestra
1955 28th Jan to Harrogate Gifts & Fancy Goods Fair & Stationary
12th Feb Trade Fair
1955 17th Feb Gerald Moore – the unashamed accompanist
1955 19th Feb Eric Winstone and his orchestra inc. Michael Holiday
1955 11th to 16th July Halle Orchestra with Sir John Barbirolli
1955 18th – 23rd July ‘Music for the Millions’ with Shirley Eaton, The Tanner Sisters and The Gaunt Brothers
1955 25th – 30th July Terry Hall & ‘Lennie the Lion’ & Danny Purches and The Vancouver Boys’ Band
1955 1st – 6th Aug Arthur Haynes, Saveen and “Daisy May”, Bob and Alf Pearson, Audrey Jeans
1955 8th – 13th Aug Albert Modley, Tom Mennard
1955 14th Aug Eileen Joyce, piano
1955 15th – 20th Aug ‘Mrs Shufflewick’, Kay Cavendish
1955 22nd – 27th Aug Beryl Reid, Bill “Uke” Scott, Miki & Griff, Leslie Randall, The Hedley Ward Trio
1955 28th Aug Ken Mackintosh and his orchestra
1955 29th Aug to 3rd Sept Jon Pertwee, Harriott & Evans “Europe’s Greatest Coloured Entertainers”
1955 6th Oct Sir Mortimer Wheeler (at invitation of Harrogate Literary Society) “The dawn of history in Yorkshire”
1955 23rd Dec Harry Corbett and Sooty
1956 8th Jan Eric Winstone & His Orchestra
1956 13th Jan Jack Parnell & His Orchestra
1956 21st Jan Sid Philips & His Band
1956 10th Feb Eric Delaney & His Band
1956 17th Feb Johnny Addlestone & His Orchestra
1956 4th March Vienna Boys Choir
1956 1st April Randolph Sutton
1956 28th April The Ray Ellington Quartet
1956 21st – 26th May The Carl Rosa Opera Company
1956 23rd Jun Laurie Gold & His Famous Pieces of Eight
1956 1st July Eric Delaney Band
1956 7th July Freddie Randall & His Band
1956 16th July All week ‘All for Mary’ – a comedy play
1956 9th – 14th July The Halle Orchestra & Sir John Barbirolli
1956 5th Aug The Gaunt Brothers
1956 29th Aug The Hedley Ward Trio and Tex McLeod
1956 10th Oct Ken Mackintosh, His Saxaphone & Orchestra
1956 28th Oct Karl & Ulrich Schnabel – world famous pianist
1956 16th Nov Johnny Dankworth & His Orchestra
1956 28th Nov Chris Barber’s Jazz Band with Ottilie Patterson
1956 15th Dec Ronnie Aldrich & The Squadronaires Dance Orchestra
1956 16th Dec Ken Mackintosh & His Orchestra
1956 20th Dec The Halle Orchestra
1956 26th-29th Dec Grand Pantomime ‘Robinson Crusoe’ with Randolph Sutton
1957 11th Jan Joe Loss and his orchestra
1957 18th Jan Jack Parnell and his orchestra
1957 9th Feb Sid Phillips and his orchestra
1957 15th Feb Johnny Dankworth
1957 15th March Eric Delaney
1957 20th April Victor Silvester and his famous ballroom Orchestra
1957 23rd – 27 Apr D’Oyly Carte Opera Co
1957 4th May Ted Heath and his Band
1957 5th May Gene Vincent and his Sounds Incorporated Group
1957 9th June Schnabel – piano recital
1957 1st – 6th July Halle Orchestra
1957 8th – 13th July Variety Bill with Gladys Morgan & Co, inc. Don Arden
1957 13th July Rock ‘n’ Roll Jamboree with Screamin’ Lord David Sutch and his famous Savages
1957 14th July Big Bill Coverdale
1957 w/c 17th July The Halle Orchestra and Sir John Barbirolli
1957 17th Oct Literary Society Lecture by H.R.H. Prince Chula Chakrabongse of Thailand G.C.V.C.
1957 3rd Nov Sid Phillips Band Show
1957 4th Dec Chris Barber – Celebrity Jazz Concert
1958 10th Jan Ronnie Aldrich and the Squadronaires – dance
1958 31st Jan Joe Loss and his orchestra
1958 14th March Eric Delaney and his Band
1958 10th April Sister Rosetta Tharpe with Mick Mulligan and his Band featuring George Melly. Tickets 3/- to 6/-. Attendance 317. Total take £63.19s. 0d.
1958 7th July Elsie and Doris Waters “Gert and Daisy”
1958 11th Aug For the week. Personal appearance of Phillip King in his own dramatic success “Serious Charge”. (he also wrote “Sailor Beware”).
1958 23rd Oct Sir Vivian Fuchs, lecture “The Trans – Antarctic Expedition”
1958 4th Nov Wrestling match with Shirley Crabtree “the biggest chest in the world” Tickets 2/6 to 10/-. Total take £437.17.0. Attendance 1,339
1959 30th Jan Eric Winstone and his orchestra
1959 5th Feb Anthony Hopkins – “The Music of Mozart” – Lit. Soc. Lecture
1959 13th Feb Joe Loss and his orchestra
1959 20th Feb Victor Silvester and his orchestra
1959 22nd Feb Harry Corbett and Sooty, and Stan Stennett
1959 23rd March Marty Wilde, rock ‘n ‘roll singer and Russ Conway, pianist
1959 3rd April Ken Mackintosh and his orchestra
1959 27th April Dickie Valentine. Tickets 4/6 to 7/6. Total take £358.00. Attendance 1,158.
1959 8th July Cliff Richard and the Drifters; The Bachelors: the Rockets; Wee Willie Harris. 6.15pm & 8.30pm. Prices 3/- to 7/6. Attendance at 6.15pm – 437. Take £118.17.9d. Attendance at 8.30pm – 1,041. Take £320.7.6d. Sold 577 programms at 1s each
1959 14th July Owen Brannigan, tenor
1959 17th – 22nd Aug Halle Orchestra
1959 17th Sept Daily Telegraph Flower Arrangement Festival Lecture by Julia Clements
1959 19th Sept Daily Telegraph Flower Arrangement Festival Lecture by Constance Spry


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