The Royal Hall Restoration Trust Harrogate
The Royal Hall Restoration Trust Harrogate




Date Artist
1930 19th April Will Fyffe
1930 15th Aug Harry Lauder
1930 27th Aug Eric Coates will conduct the broadcast performance of his new fantasy “Cinderella”
1930 4th Sept Basil Cameron’s farewell concert, on his departure for San Francisco Symphony Orchestra
1930 22nd Sept Elsie and Doris Waters
1930 10th Oct Programme of compositions by Julian Clifford
1930 11th Oct Jack Hylton and his band
1930 13th 14th 16th -18th Oct Catlin’s Royal Pierrots, with Binnie Hill
1930 15th Oct C. Leonard Wooley, “Excavations at Ur” lecture
1930 27th Oct & 1st Nov The Good Companions
1930 3rd Nov Film: White Hell of Pitz Palu
1930-1931 Winter Season. A series of best silent pictures, with Cecil Moon’s orchestra
1931 6th April For the week, Anna Pavlova and company
1931 7th April Moiseiwitsch
1931 10th May Jack Hylton and his band
1931 26th July Billy Cotton and his band – first appearance in Harrogate
1931 7th Aug Harry Lauder
1931 19th Aug George Robey
1931 24th Aug Layton and Johnstone
1931 30th Aug Debroy Somers and his band
1931 6th Sept Mr. Flotsam and Mr Jetsam, pianist entertainers
1931 16th Sept Film “Kismet” – talking picture
1931 3rd-5th Aug Harry Lauder
1931 7th Dec Miss Amy Johnson C.B.E. – lecture “How ‘Jason’ and I flew to the Land of the Golden Flece”
1932 Late start to live performances – increasing use of Royal Hall for films
1932 24th July Jack Hylton and his band
1932 3rd-5th Aug Harry Lauder
1932 23rd Aug Layton and Johnstone
1932 28th Aug Jack Hylton and his band
1933 16th April Layton & Johnstone – The Famous American Entertainers
1933 4th June Flotsam & Jetsam – popular radio stars
1933 9th July Duke Ellington & His Famous Orchestra
1933 11th to 13th Aug Gertrude Concannon – ‘The Australian Soprano’
1933 20th Aug Anna May Wong – The celebrated Chinese actress and film star
1933 3rd Sept John McCormack – world famous tenor
1933 24th Sept Alfredo and His Gipsy Orchestra
1933 8th Oct Louis Armstrong with His Harlem Hot Rhythm Band
1934 20th May Elsie & Doris Waters, Clapham & Dwyer
1934 25th June Raymond De Courcy & his Orchestra supported by Max Wall
1934 24th & 25th Aug Will Fyffe – Scotlands World Famous Character Comedian
1934 28th Nov Boxing Bill – 6 Fights
1935 12th April Sir Oswald Mosley will explain the Fascist Policy
1935 8th Sept ‘Hutch’ – (Leslie A. Hutchinson) – the famous broadcast and recording star
1935 15th Sept First appearance of Geraldo and his Gaucho Orchestra also featuring Monty Rey
1935 22nd Sept Ambrose and his Orchstra
1935 24th Nov Lew Stone and his Band
1936 12th July Lou Preager and his famous Broadcasting Band
1936 19th July First appearance of Charlie Kunz – Radio’s Wizard of the Piano
1936 11th Oct Nat Gonella and his Georgians
1937 5th Jan Harry Roy and His Band
1937 19th Feb Large Boxing Bill of 6 bouts
1937 27th March Roy Fox and His Band with singer Denny Dennis
1937 4th July Jack Hylton and His Band
1937 25th July Joe Loss and His Band with Chic Henderson
1937 28th July Albert W. Ketelbey – composer/conductor
1937 1st Aug The Mills Brothers – first appearance in Harrogate
1937 14th & 15th Aug Eric Coates – composer/conductor
1937 22nd Aug Charlie Kunz – pianist
1937 12th Sept Alfredo and His Famous Gipsy Orchestra
1937 19th Sept George Elrick and His Swing Music Makers
1937 21st Nov Henry Hall & His Orchestra
1937 7th Dec Lecture by Grey Owl
1938 12th April Film “Swingtime” – poster has good picture of Ginger Rogers
1938 17th April Jack Payne and his band, with Peggy Cochrane
1938 30th May Petulengro – first visit to Harrogate by the radio violinist
1938 7th to 10th June Stainless Stephen – Famous BBC Comedian and Top of the Bill
1938 4th July Jack Hylton and his band
1938 10th July Roy Fox and his band
1938 17th July Henry Hall and his band
1938 25th July Joe Loss and his band
1938 1st Aug Louis Cohen and the Municipal Orchestra
1938 1st to 3rd Aug Anne Zeigler and Webster Booth
1938 3rd Aug Arthur Wood – the popular Yorkshire Composer/Conductor will conduct a series of his own compositions
1938 7th Aug Ray Noble & his orchestra – the sensation of New York and Hollywood
1938 14th Aug Jack Jackson and his band from the Dorchester with Helen Clare
1938 19th Aug George Robey
1938 21st Aug Elsie and Doris Waters
1938 25th Aug Moiseiwitsch
1938 28th Aug Jack Hylton and his band
1938 1st Sept London Philharmonic Orchestra and Sir Thomas Beecham
1938 4th Sept Mark Hambourg
1938 11th Sept Carol Gibbons and the Savoy Orpheans
1938 15th Sept Cyril Smith
1938 18th Sept Isobel Baillie – farewell concert of the Municipal Orchestra conducted by Louis Cohen
1938 11th Dec Jack Payne and his band
1939 16th Feb London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Sir Thomas Beecham
1939 8th April Jack Hylton and his bank
1939 9th April Halle Orchestra – first visit to Harrogate conducted by Beecham(he was replaced by Basil Cameron, due to indisposition). Programme = Simetana Bartered Bride overture, Mozart Symphony no 29; Delius: On hearing first cuckoo in spring, Liszt; Hungarian rhapsody no 2; Tchaikovsky: Symphony no. 5.
1939 11th June Richard Tauber and Municipal Orchestra, conducted by Louis Cohen.
1939 1st-2nd July Walter Widdop, Municipal Orchestra conducted by Louis Cohen
1939 19th July Albert Ketelby conducts his own music
1939 6th Aug Carroll Gibbons with Anne Lenner and George Melanchrino
1939 19th Aug Eric Coates
1939 26th Aug Alicia Markova and Anton Dolin
1939 31st Aug Myra Hess, pianist
1939 3rd Sept Special programme of patriotic melodies – all other programms cancelled (Outbreak of World War Two)
1939 16th Sept and all week Fol-de-rols “We have the largest air raid shelter in Harrogate”
1939 12th Nov Flotsam and Jetsam
1939 26th Nov Henry Hall and his orchestra
1939 10th Dec Billy Cotton and his band
1939 17th Dec Jack Jackson and his Popular Radio Band


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