The Royal Hall Restoration Trust Harrogate
The Royal Hall Restoration Trust Harrogate




Date Artist
1920 25th April Vladmir de Pachman, pianist
1920 30th April The Rolling Stones, variety act
1920 7th June Will Gane (with Pierrot Group)
1920 19th-21st Aug Anna Pavlova
1920 22nd Aug Tom Burke, famous operatic tenor
1920 28th Aug Ella Shields, “The Ideal Impersonator”
1920 31st Aug Dame Nellie Melba
1920 14th Sept Little Tich
1920 23rd Oct Harry Tate and Harry Weldon – Comedian
1921 30th April Also, for 28-30 minutes, “The first public presentation of the latest invention, talking pictures presented by the inventor Claude Verity of East Park Rd Harrrogate – the Verity System”
1921 17th May Clara Butt
1921 30th July Grock, the famous Anglo French clown
1921 5th Aug George Robey
1921 9th-11th Aug Harry Lauder
1921 26th-27th Aug Pavlova
1921 1st Sept George Robey
1921 2nd Sept Moiseiwitsch
1921 19th-20th Sept Charlie Chaplin’s film, “Shoulder Arms”
1921 6th Oct Alfred Cortot, first Harrogate performance of the French pianist
1922 3rd May Concert featuring Delius’s “One hearing first cuckoo in spring”
1922 26th May Concert conducted by Howard Carr with unusually early performance of Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto no.2
1922 5th Aug Miss Cicely Courtneidge
1922 8th-10th Aug Harry Lauder
1922 28th-29th Aug The Co-optimists, with Stanley Holloway
1922 21st Sept First Harrogate performance of Bantock’s “Russian Scenes”, conducted by Howard Carr
1923 7th June Walter Rummel, pianist
1923 17th June Backhaus, pianist
1923 23rd July Pavlova – The first visit of the world’s most Famous Dancer
1923 3rd Aug Violet Vanbrugh – actress in 2 one act plays
1923 5th Aug Marie Hall, violin
1923 10th Aug Grock
1923 22nd Aug Seymour Hicks – actor in a one act play “Waiting for a Lady”
1923 24th Aug George Robey – The Prime Minister of Mirth
1923 21st Sept George Robey
1924 March Cecil Moon’s Orchestra
1924 21st April Clara Butt
1924 27th May Basil Cameron and Municipal Orchestra
1924 28th May Peter Dawson – The Great Australian Baritone
1924 3rd Aug Henry Baynton – The Celebrated Shakespearean Actor
1924 9th Aug Clarice Mayne
1924 12th-14th Aug Harry Lauder
1924 19th Aug Veterans of Variety from the Palladium inc. Arthur Roberts, Leo Dryden
1924 23rd Aug Moiseiwitsch
1924 6th Sept Eileen Winterton – dancer
1924 14th Sept Solomon (Pianist)
1924 20th Sept William Primrose, viola
1924 11th Nov “Hunchback of Notre Dame” with Lon Chaney
1925 15th April Talbot O’Farrell – The Irish Entertainer
1925 11th May Film “Monsieur Beaucarie” with Rudolf Valentino
1925 8th June Lewis Davenport – ‘The Bewilderest’
1925 26th July Walter Widdop, tenor
1925 27th July Albert Whelan – The Popular Entertainer – first appearance in Harrogate
1925 29th July Leon Goosens, oboe
1926 20th June Ali Khan – A Hindoo Caruso
1926 5th July Holbrooke, the famous composer and pianist, in a violin and piano recital
1926 23rd July Seymour Hicks and Ellaline Terriss, actor and actress
1926 3rd 4th 7th Aug Harry Lauder
1926 23rd Aug Layton and Johnson, the celebrated American performers – first visit to Harrogate and Will Hay – The Schoolmaster Comedian
1926 2nd Sept Harry Tate, comedian
1926 17th & 18th Sept Will Fyffe (first Harrogate appearance) The famous Scottish comedian
1926 19th Sept Layton and Johnstone
1926 24th Sept Billy Mayerl the lightning pianist supported by Piccadilly follies
1926 26th Sept Jack Hylton and his band
1927 12th Feb Clara Butt
1927 19th April Clara Butt
1927 10th May Personal Visit of Sir Alan Cobham KBE, AFC to give descriptive talk and films of his historic Empire flights
1927 10th July Flotsam & Jetsam
1927 25th Aug Holbrooke performs his violin concerto
1927 4th Sept Jack Hylton
1927 9th Sept Layton and Johnstone
1927 15th Sept Betty Humby, pianist performs Saint-Saens Piano concerto no. 5, conducted by Basil Cameron
1927 21st Sept Florence Austral and Walter Widdop (music festival), singers
1927 22nd Sept Sir Edward Elgar and violinist Albert Sammons, perform Elgar’s violin concerto
1927 23rd Sept Eric Coates conducts orchestral concert
1927 13th Nov Vladimir de Pachman, pianist
1928 20th Jan Johann Strauss (The Waltz King) and Special London Orchestra of 40 musicians
1928 8th April Layton and Johnstone
1928 6th May Peter Dawson, bass baritone, accompanied by Gerald Moore, also Albert Sammons, violin, Mark Hambourg, piano
1928 20th May Jack Hylton
1928 27th May Marie Hall, violin
1928 6th July Peter Warlock’s “Capriole suite” performed
1928 29th Aug Gracie Fields, the new London star
1928 30th Aug Schubert centenary concert. Betty Humby plays the “Wanderer” also, orchestra conducted by Basil Cameron
1928 20th Sept Sir Thomas Beecham conducts a special symphony concert, with vocals by Dora Labbette
1928 15th Oct Clapham & Dwyer
1929 31st March Paul Robeson, singer
1929 26th April Val Vett “The Ragtime Rag Picking Rag Painter”
1929 29th April to 4th May Elsie and Doris Waters (with the Fol-de-rols)
1929 3rd June George Lacy – London’s New Star Comedian
1929 7th July Jack Hylton
1929 8th-9th July Will Fyffe, comedian
1929 11th-13th July Co-optimists
1929 13th-14th Aug Layton and Johnstone, world’s most popular entertainers
1929-1930 Winter season of “silent pictures”, with Erich von Stronheim and Fay Wray in, “The Wedding March”


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