The Royal Hall Restoration Trust Harrogate
The Royal Hall Restoration Trust Harrogate




Date Artist
1910 4th April Leslie Harris, entertainer
1910 6th July Myra Hess, pianist
1910 1st Aug Capt. Fred Woodwards Seals & Sea Lions
1910 4th Aug Dame Nellie Melba, singer
1910 25th Aug Vesta Tilley
1910 26th Aug John McCormack
1910 9th Sept George Robey
1910 10th Sept Fritz Kreisler
1910 24th Oct The March Hares inc. Davy Burnaby
1911 4th Feb Alfred Tennyson Dickens ‘My father’s Life and Works’
1911 13th May Miss Janotha (Court pianist to Kaiser Wilhelm 11 of Germany)
1911 16th May Seymour Hicks in ‘Papa’s Wife’
1911 14th June Beno Moisewitsch, pianist
1911 23rd June Coronation Gala
1911 2nd Aug Beno Moisewitsch
1911 5th Aug Mrs Langtry
1911 8th Aug Harry Lauder
1911 9th Aug (Wednesday) First provincial performance of Sir Edward Elgar’s Second Symphony
1911 24th Aug Vesta Tilley and Miss Ida Bloor
1911 8th Sept George Robey
1911 20th Sept Myra Hess
1911 27th Sept Fritz Kreisler
1911 6th Oct Mrs Patrick Campbell
1912 27th May Peter Dawson – Eminent Baritone
1912 28th May Little Tich – Inimitable Comedian
1912 21st June Paderewski
1912 6th July Clarice Mayne
1912 22nd July All week. Harry Tate
1912 22nd Aug Vesta Tilley
1912 28th Aug Sir Edward Elgar conducts his own compositions
1912 5th Sept George Robey
1912 7th Sept Ellen Terry – actress
1912 12th Sept Anna Pavlova
1912 28th Sept John McCormack
1912 7th Oct Fritz Kreisler
1913 22nd March Russian Imperial Ballet making its first Harrogate appearance
1913 29th March George Robey
1913 31st March All week. Thomas Holden’s Celebrated Mannikins
1913 27th May British Composers’ night in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the opening of the Kursaal
1913 31st May John Dunn, the famous English violinist will play the Elgar new violin concerto
1913 11th June Dr. Ethel Smyth conducts the overture to her opera “The Wreckers”
1913 20th June Leeds Choral Society perform Elgar’s “King Olaf”
1913 1st July Violet Vanbrugh – World Famous Actress
1913 29th July Edward German
1913 31st July Miss Edith Evans – The Eminent Soprano
1913 1st Aug Harry Lauder
1913 6th Aug Tetrazzini, soprano singer
1913 22nd Aug Vesta Tilley
1913 26th Aug Dame Nellie Melba
1913 27th Sept Fritz Kreisler
1913 1st Oct First performance in Yorkshire of Cesar Franck’s Symphony
1914 8th June The magnificent film of Wagner’s “grand opera” Parsifal, with the Harrogate Municipal Orchestra
1914 17th June Stanford’s Irish Symphony performed
1914 20th June Paderewski
1914 4th July Basil Hindenburg conducts
1914 12th Aug Vaughan Williams performs his “London Symphony”, the first provincial performance; also, his “Wasps Suite”
1914 20th Aug Phyllis Dare – Famous London Musical Comedy Star
1914 28th-29th Aug Vesta Tilley
1914 4th Sept Bransby Williams – Character Actor
1914 14th-15th Sept Anna Pavlova
1914 9th Oct 1st production in Yorkshire of the great American film of Wagner’s opera, Tannhauser, music arranged by Ernest Farrar & Julian Clifford
1915 22nd March Lecture by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle entitled “The Great Battles of the War”
1915 6th April Clara Butt
1915 25th May Lilly Langtry
1915 30th June Ethel Smyth, composer
1915 24th June Sir Frederick Cowen with Charles Mott (baritone)
1915 3rd Aug Daisy Wood – Popular Comedien
1915 5th-6th Aug Harry Lauder
1915 13th Aug Horatio Bottomley, publisher of the “John Bull” magazine
1915 27th Aug Vesta Tilley
1915 28th Aug Elgar’s “Carillon” performed for Belgium. First Harrogate performance. Mrs Julian Clifford, soprano, assisted by the band of the TTA.
1915 6th Sept George Robey
1915 17th Sept Clara Butt – World Famous Contralto
1915 22nd Sept Further performance of Carillon
1915 25th Sept Hetty King – Famous Male Impersonator
1915 29th Sept Beethoven’s Choral Symphony first Harrogate performance which was also the first performance of the Harrogate Municipal Choir, chorus master Ernest Farrar, conducted by Julian Clifford whose “Ode to New Year” was also given.
1916 11th Feb FILM: Birth of a nation (with augmented orchestra)
1916 17th June Marie Lloyd – music hall singer
1916 15th Aug Horatio Bottomley
1916 16th Sept Mrs. Pankhurst (suffragette)
1916 11th Sept Solomon – the marvellous boy pianist-1st H’gate performance
1916 4th Nov Lieut. McCormack – the Irish baritone
1917 10th April Clara Butt
1917 21st July Sir Frank Benson, actor
1917 4th Aug Lena Ashwell, actress
1917 11th Aug Billy Merson – Celebrated London Comedian
1917 31st Aug-1st Sept Vesta Tilley
1917 14th-15th Sept Phyllis Dare
1917 1st Oct Catlin’s Pierrots
1917 10th Oct Clara Butt
1917 18th Oct Horatio Bottomley
1918 18th Feb Sir Arthur Conan Doyle lecture ‘Life After Death’
1918 3rd March Clara Butt
1918 1st May Fanny Davies, pianist
1918 20th May Mark Hambourg
1918 21st May Wilkie Bard – Popular London Comedian
1918 6th June Grand Wagner programme
1918 13th June Felix Salmond, cellist
1918 16th-17th Aug Vesta Tilley
1918 22nd-23rd Aug Harry Lauder
1918 2nd Sept Astra Desmond, soprano & Frank Mullins, tenor Wagner prog
1918 21st Sept Moiseiwitsch – Comedian
1919 16th May De Pachman pianist
1919 7th June Lamond
1919 8th Aug Dame Nellie Melba
1919 15th-16th Aug Vesta Tilley – farewell performance
1919 23rd Sept Sir Ernest Shackleton lecture on “Our Last Antarctic Expedition”
1919 26th & 27th Sept David Devant – Greatest Magician and Entertainer
1919 3rd Nov Picture of the year “Blue Jean” (blue overalls) staring Violet Dana
1919 16th Nov Clara Butt, Kennerly Rumford, massed bands of His Majesty’s Guards
1919 24th Nov “Cecilea of the pink roses” the new film star, Marion Davies
1919 28th Dec Melba and Miss Marie Hall violinist


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